Russell Watson well enough to see his daughters

Stricken opera singer Russell Watson is ‘doing well’ after life-saving emergency surgery and has been able to see his daughters.

The popular entertainer, who had surgery for a brain tumour on Thursday, is slowly recovering and is now off the critical list, hospital bosses said.

The father-of-two was able to see his daughters, aged seven and 12, on Friday morning following his life-threatening op.

“That was the highlight of his day,” his manager, Richard Thompson, said. “He saw his daughters this morning.”

Russell, 40, was taken to the private Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, Cheshire, after falling seriously ill in a recording studio.

He underwent a three-hour emergency operation and is now recovering in intensive care.

Michael Stroud, executive director at the hospital, said on Friday: “Russell Watson had a comfortable night and remains in our intensive therapy unit for continuous monitoring and care.

“He is recovering well from his surgery and is in a stable condition.”

Mr Stroud added: “He is talking for brief periods and has been eating small amounts of food, but the priority is for him to rest.

“Family members are with him.

“It is only 36 hours since his life was in danger, so it is important for him and those around him to take things slowly.

“Russell is following the advice of his medical team and he understands that his recovery plan may be a long haul.”