Ruth-Ann St Luce, Hannah Berney exit The Voice

Ruth-Ann St Luce and Hannah Berney have become the latest acts to leave The Voice , after the second live show which saw Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue’s teams perform for the first time.

The pair were sent packing after Ruth-Ann found herself in the bottom two of Jessie J’s team along with Toni Warne, and Hannah Berney lost out to Max Milner in the bottom two of Danny’s team.

And both had an emotional reaction to the news, with Ruth-Ann describing her time on the show as a “rollercoaster”.

“I’ve learned so much from Jessie, in fact from all of you guys, some of the comments you’ve made and said to me have been life-changing. This is not the end.”

Hannah, meanwhile, appeared resigned to the news, and afterwards said, “This has probably been the best year of my life, I turned 21, I’ve sung for the Queen, I’ve done live television. I know what I’m doing with my life.”

Jessie J justified her choice by saying,” Toni, I feel like people haven’t seen the best of you yet. Your vocal abilities are so extreme that when I’m in rehearsals with you I’m just – wow. Ruth-Ann – the things that you can do with your voice so many singers would dream to be able to do. But you do have issues with pitch.”

And Danny told Max, “You’ve shown so many sides of you throughout the course of this, it genuinely has been a pleasure being your mentor all this while.

He added, “Hannah, from day one we’ve always been a collaborative team, we’ve always worked on everything together. That’s what I’ve loved.”

In Jessie J’s team Becky Hill, Cassius Henry and Vince Kidd went straight through on the public vote, while Aleks Josh, David Julien and Bo Bruce made it straight through on Danny’s team.

Next weekend’s show sees the remaining acts in Tom Jones and’s team return to the stage, as well as performing with their coaches.