Ruth: ‘Eoghan and Diana make a cute couple’

The X Factor‘s Ruth Lorenzo has spoken out about Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg, saying she hopes they will get together.

Ruth thinks the teenagers would make a sweet couple, and said they have a lot in common.

“They are best friends, we always see them together, they’re always joking around or if one or the other misses their families.

“They’re the same age, same situation so they really get along. It would be so cute for them to be together,” she said.

Diana’s rumoured romance with Eoghan was not the only flirtation of the series – Simon Cowell made it very clear that he fancies sexy Spaniard Ruth. But Ruth insists he only flirted with her during filming.

Ruth said: “You know what, Simon Cowell is just such a flirt… he’s a very nice guy.

“All the flirting has been on camera. I thought it was quite interesting and quite good as well. No flirting off camera, no, always very professional, always.”

Ruth, who came fifth on the show, nearly didn’t audition for The X Factor because she wasn’t expecting so many people to turn up.

She said: “It was 22,000 people and I said to everyone that was with me, ‘come on let’s just go’ because there is no way that I will get through, no way.

“I did and I got through to the live rounds and it was just amazing, it’s been such a journey for me and I am so happy and so thankful for everything.”

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