Ruth ‘not good enough’ for Gavin & Stacey musical

Ruth Jones doesn’t think her voice is good enough to appear in her own Gavin and Stacey musical.

The actress, who co-created and starred as Nessa Jenkins in the BBC comedy, plans to make an all-singing stage version of the hit sitcom.

She told The Radio Times: “I think the characters are big enough to work in a musical setting and James Corden and I both like a bit of a song.”

But the Welsh actress, 45, said she doesn’t think her own voice is good enough for her to star in the musical, although ‘it would be hilarious’.

“If there’s a way of doing a comedy song where you don’t actually have to sing, I might get away with it,” she added.

Ruth also told the magazine that despite being asked to be a godparent to funnyman James’ baby son Max, it hadn’t happened yet.

She joked that she was a ‘potential godparent’: “He said I was godparent elect – we’ll have to behave ourselves and apparently we’ll have to renounce the devil before we can actually become godparents.”

And unlike James, 33, she isn’t interested in writing a book about her life.

“I’ve been asked to write a book about my life, but I find that quite a bizarre idea. I’m not old enough, and if you were going to write anything interesting about your life, you’d have to implicate other people and I think that’s very tricky to do,” Ruth said.