Gavin & Stacey will be returning to the small screen, co-writer Ruth Jones has confirmed.

Writers Ruth – who also plays Nessa – and James Corden (Smithy) had previously ruled out making another series of the Bafta-winning BBC comedy, but instead, a one-off special is being planned, reports The Sun.

“It looks like there will be a Gavin & Stacey special some time in the future – it will show how things worked out for Gavin and Stacey, and for Nessa and Smithy,” she told fans in Barry, South Wales, where much of the show is set.

The last episode of the third series, screened last January, showed Nessa and Smithy happily sitting on the seafront in Barry next to Essex boy Gavin (Mathew Horne) and Welsh wife Stacey (Joanna Page).

The American adaptation of Gavin & Stacey is also in the works.