Ruth: The pressure’s on to write Gavin & Stacey 3

Gavin and Stacey co-writer and star Ruth Jones said the ‘pressure is on’ to write the third series of the hit BBC comedy.

Jones is to start penning the script with fellow writer James Corden.

She said: “We only have a short space of time to write it so the pressure is on.”

She continued: “People have been so lovely and kind about the series, but I can’t help thinking nothing lasts forever. Part of me is waiting to disappoint – that’s probably the Welsh pessimism in me.”

The pair will first catch up on their various adventures abroad. Jones was in Bangkok, Thailand, on New Year’s Eve when a fire ripped through a nightclub killing more than 60 people.

“I saw all these fire engines going past and I was getting texts from family asking if I was OK,” she said. “But I found out about what was going on from people at home. It was horrible.”

Writing for the third series will start with mapping out the scenarios and will be more or less a 9am-5pm job, with the script due for completion by the end of March.

“We’ve always known how it’s going to end, it’s a good thing to know where you’re heading to. And knowing the characters so well makes it somewhat easier. It’s a really enjoyable process.”

She said the combination of Corden, a 30-year-old English man, and herself, a 42-year-old Welsh woman, made the pair a ‘great team’.

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