‘I need to feel what it’s like to be rejected!’ Ex Corrie star Ryan Thomas wants to start his career again

Corrie’s Ryan Thomas reveals what he hopes the future has in store for him now that he has finished playing Jason Grimshaw in the soap

Ryan Thomas tells Soaplife about his plans for the future now he’s left the Corrie cobbles…

How’s life post-Corrie, Ryan?
“Very different. I’m enjoying being under the radar for a while. I’m moving to London because I wanted a complete change after leaving Coronation Street. My agent’s in London, my meetings are there and many of my friends, too. I’m also going to do some drama classes there.”

But you’ve been acting for years! Why do you need classes?
“Yeah, but I’ve only ever had one job. I need to start from the bottom and start learning my craft. I want to be tested and taken out of my comfort zone. I need to do auditions and be rejected for roles – rejection is so much part and parcel of this business, but I’ve never experienced it.”

Are you telling us that you’ve never auditioned before?
“I’ve never been in an audition situation apart from when I was up for the role of Ryan in Corrie, and I got that part just 15 minutes into that audition. I feel that I need to find out what it’s like to be told I haven’t got a role I’ve gone for.”

How does your little girl, Scarlett, feel about you moving to London?
“She’s sad about it, but I’ve kept my place in Manchester and I’m up there a lot in order to spend time with her. Scarlett’s seven now and of an age where she’s getting more independent.”

Is she excited about visiting you in London?
“She loves London, so she’ll come and stay with me in the school holidays. The great thing about my relationship with Scarlett’s mum, Tina [O’Brien, who plays Sarah Platt in Corrie], is I can see my daughter whenever I want. I’m lucky in that sense.”


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