Rylan and Lucy ‘banished’ from X Factor hotel

X Factor contestants Rylan Clark and Lucy Spraggan have moved out of the hotel they shared with other show hopefuls following a boozy night out.

The pair were pictured on a drunken spree which went into the early hours of Monday morning, including shots of Rylan with his trousers pulled down.

Now the pair have been punished by being forced to move to another temporary home.

They posted an apology online on Tuesday – shortly before heading for another night out at an awards bash for Attitude magazine.

Rylan wrote on Twitter: “Me and Lucy Spraggan are partaking in a small vacation from the hotel for a few days. Our most sincere apologies for our #beerfear behaviour.”

‘Beer fear’ is a reference to a song by Lucy about regrets over drunken behaviour.

Rylan also admitted ‘we’ve been naughty’, before telling fans he and Lucy were off to the Attitude aftershow party.

An X Factor source said: “They have moved out, at least for the rest of week, to a hotel near the studios after their antics at the weekend. Producers got tough with them as punishment for their behaviour.”

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