Rylan Clark: ‘I wanted to walk last week’ (VIDEO)

Controversial X Factor star Rylan Clark has revealed that he wanted to leave the show to save Ella Henderson last week, but was advised against it by a producer.

The entertaining Essex 24-year-old was voted off The X Factor by the judges after a sing-off with Union J on Sunday night and told whatsontv.co.uk there was no way he’d have let the boy band leave.

“There is no way I would’ve [stayed] over them boys. I wouldn’t have let it happen,” said Rylan. “You know, like last week, when Ella went the first thing I said was let me take her place – I would’ve happily, happily done that! But obviously it had already happened and the producer said if you walk out now there won’t be an elimination next week… We can’t bring someone back whose already been voted out just because you walked.”

Rylan says he’s happy to bow out of the show now. “I think it would have gone against me if I’d finished up in the final, to be perfectly fair. I’ll get a lot more respect for leaving now and going out on a high… I think if I’d got into the final I think the backlash would’ve started again.”

Watch an interview with X Factor star Rylan Clark: