Sabotage | Film review – Who is gunning for creaky Arnie and his meatheaded special ops crew?


A creaky looking Arnold Schwarzenegger heads the cast of exceedingly violent action thriller Sabotage, playing the leader of an elite special operations team that finds its members getting eliminated one by one after $10million goes missing during a drug bust. Is a vengeful Mexican cartel out to get them or do they have a traitor in their midst? Arnie’s macho crew are such an obnoxious bunch of meatheads – and that goes, too, for Mireille Enos, its lone women member – that you will struggle to care, although things definitely perk up whenever the surprisingly cast Olivia Williams turns up at the latest gory crime scene as the hard-nosed homicide detective investigating the case.


Certificate 15. Runtime 105 mins. Director David Ayer.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray by Lionsgate on Monday 15th September. 


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