Andrew Sachs’ granddaughter Georgina Baillie has revealed their relationship has still not been repaired following the ‘Sachsgate’ scandal.

The 25-year-old said there is an ‘occasional email’ sent between them, but the scandal had not yet ‘blown over’ for the Fawlty Towers actor.

Andrew, who turned 80 this year, was dragged into a huge furore in 2008 when comedian Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross left obscene messages on his answering machine during a BBC radio show.

The prank calls, which detailed a fling Russell had with Georgina, prompted a barrage of complaints to the BBC and resulted in Ross being suspended from the corporation. Russell resigned, along with station controller Lesley Douglas.

Georgina said: “Unfortunately this whole thing has not really blown over for my grandparents. There’s an occasional email sent, but… I don’t want to cause them any more stress than I already have.”

The former burlesque dancer is now singing in a band called MariaMaria, and said she hopes that her grandparents will learn to be proud of her once again.

She said: “I love them very much and I feel awful for anything that I’ve done that has made them have anything other than what they deserve, which is a happy, calm life. I want them to see what I’m doing now, and I want them to be able to call me their granddaughter and be proud of it.”

*Georgina appears in an episode of Dating In The Dark on August 17 on Living.

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