‘Salty’ Delia under attack from health group

Delia Smith could be putting people’s health at risk with the high salt content of some of the recipes in her new TV series and book, campaigners claim.

In How To Cheat At Cooking, Delia recommends mixing ready-made foods – many of which are already rich in salt – rather than fresh ingredients to save time.

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) said a single serving of one of the recipes, carbonara real quick, contained more than a whole day’s salt.

The dish is made with ready-cooked crispy bacon and ‘lots’ of Pecorino Romano, one of the saltiest cheeses available.

The recipe for two people, Cash said, contains more than 14g of salt, not including extra salt added when cooking the sauce and pasta.

The recommended maximum salt intake is 6g a day.

Delia’s ‘very nutritious and very cheap’ thick pea and bacon soup contains around 12g of salt, Cash said, giving people half their daily limit even when divided between four as a starter.

Carrie Bolt, a nutritionist with Cash, said people should cook from scratch with fresh ingredients.

“If people do want to cook one of Delia’s Cheat recipes – and they are not all high in salt – then I would advise them to try the ones that do not feature high salt ingredients such as anchovies, olives, capers, stock, Parma ham, ready-cooked bacon, Thai fish sauce, soy sauce, blue cheese, and Pecorino Romano cheese,” she said.

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