Same Difference: ‘Louis plays mind games with us’

The X Factor duo Same Difference have revealed that judge Louis Walsh plays ‘mind games’ with them off-camera because he’s so determined to win the show.

Brother and sister act Sean and Sarah Smith have battled their way into the semi-final of the ITV1 talent show, despite Louis’ constant negative comments.

Sean, 21, said: “Even off-camera he comes and plays mind games with us. He’ll come up to you and say, ‘you’re doing well this week guys’, so you think ,’maybe this is the week he’s going to be nice to us’. And then on the show he knocks us back down again. The roller-coaster’s been incredible.”

And Sean said he suspects Louis is knocking the pair to get back at their mentor Simon Cowell over his treatment of the MacDonald Brothers last year.

“I think there’s a personal battle with him and Simon now because of the Macdonald Brothers. Simon won and Louis will do anything this year to make sure that’s he’s right from the start.

“He’s put his neck on the line and if we go out this week his face will be so smug,” Sean added.

“But we want to do it for Simon because we trust in him, we trust in everything he’s said. We’re going to do our best.”