Same Difference: ‘Louis Walsh is so catty’ (VIDEO)

Same Difference were delighted that Louis Walsh was nice to them recently – but have revealed that he couldn’t resist one more insult.

The pop duo – aka Sean and Sarah Smith – might have finished third on last year’s X Factor but they endured a barrage of abuse along the way from Irish judge Louis who thought they were ‘cheesy’.

But when they all met again on last Saturday’s live show, the duo admitted that music manager Louis finally gave them the praise they had been longing for.

Talking to, Sarah said: “All we wanted last year was for Louis to say, ‘Guys, that was great’, and he never did. It was our mission for this whole year for him to hear our album and say ‘I love it, it’s great’, and he did.”

But Sean was quick to point out that the old Louis soon crept back in.

He revealed: “We were walking along the corridor and he stopped me and said, ‘Ah look, it’s the cheesiest duo ever. Get a haircut, Sean’. Then you get paranoid and think, ‘Where’s hair and make-up?’

Same Difference’s new single We R One is out now, taken from their forthcoming album, Pop, out on December 1.

VIDEO: Watch Same Difference talk about Louis Walsh

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