Sarah Jessica Parker has blasted rumours the Sex And The City cast don’t get on as ‘ridiculous’.

The actress, who plays New York columnist Carrie Bradshaw, told Star magazine: “It’s ridiculous, I love the cast and spending time with them – it was peculiar to me to see the scrutinising the four of us have come under.

“We love each other. Could we spend more time together? If that existed in our lives, absolutely.

“Do I see Cynthia Nixon as much as I want to? Never. Kristin Davis or Kim Cattrall? Never. It’s just not the way our lives work. I don’t see my best friends as much as I want to. But it doesn’t mean that there is any less affection,” she added.

“Ultimately, we respect each other and we really like each other.”

Sarah Jessica, who stars with Hugh Grant in new film Have You Heard About The Morgans?, revealed filming the sequel to Sex And The City: The Movie has been a ball.

“It’s probably the most fun we’ve ever had. And it’s a caper; it’s a road movie. We want it to feel like the movies from the 1940s,” she said.

She added that she enjoys reprising her role as Carrie.

“Carrie is not somebody I have to run away from,” she said.