SATC 2 – Sisters are Doin’ It For Themselves

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Sex and the City 2 seems to have had a bit of a marmite effect on the world with certainly the vast majority of film critics leading the way in gagging at the mere sight of the poster. See, that’s my point, I think this lot has made disliking, hating and especially mocking SATC 2 into a bit of a sport, and let’s face it – they made their minds up about it as soon as the sequel was announced.

Thank goodness for Jonathan Ross – he’s proud to admit to being a huge fan!

Ok, so it’s not deeply meaningful (nor is Indiana Jones), it generalises a lot (that’s what makes it funny), it’s got the simplest of plots (a lot of great movies do) and it blatantly product places (excuse me, so does the James Bond franchise!). Who cares? This movie, to me, is about one thing – sisterhood.

And just like this feminist anthem was misinterpreted and slated for being clichéd, SATC 2 has been vilified by men and women alike

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