Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger reveals what it was like being a guest judge on The X Factor…

Tell us about your experience of auditioning for a talent show…
“I got my first break from American Popstars, which was at the forefront of this whole pop reality phenomenon. What people don’t realise, is that even after the opportunity of being on that show I still had to work to continue my career. So it’s like a never ending work but it’s really good and it’s worth it.”

Did this influence the kind of judge you wanted to be?
“I just wanted to make sure I put a lot of my heart and thoughts into the auditions, not only as an artist but as someone who has been there and has done it professionally.”

What were you looking for in the contestants?
“Well, because I am a singer first, I was looking for amazing voices. But, for me, The X Factor is about the star quality that these artists and performers bring to the stage. Ultimately, I just want to be moved, and I want to feel something from them.”

Being part of the Pussycat Dolls, were you looking out for girl groups?
“Actually no, because my passion and my love is for music so I was looking for the voice. You don’t have to have the greatest voice ever as long as you have some control and your own quality sound. If you believe it as a performer and as a singer, then I’m going to believe it.”

How did you find the Manchester auditions?
“I was really excited about how great the personalities were; how people were so witty and genuinely happy to be there. A lot of them were a little scared and timid but a lot of them were just really funny. They’re really witty and really on it. I’m so lucky that I got to be a part of the Manchester tour because everybody in Manchester has the biggest hearts. They have great instincts.”

And did you mind judging in front of a live audience?
“I really enjoyed it, there’s a lot of great energy out there. It’s beyond an audition – it’s like the ultimate audition! I feel like I’m in a constant concert and there’s not only us three judges up there, there are thousands of people behind us. So the good thing is, when I get stuck, the audience has been helping me!”

How did you enjoy your X Factor experience overall?
“It’s been amazing; it’s been a really wide ride. I’ve had a lot more fun than I even anticipated. I loved it. I just think the whole thing is quite a phenomenon. I’m definitely an X Factor fan!”

Nicole Scherzinger appears at The X Factor’s Manchester auditions and at bootcamp.