Suranne Jones has revealed the cast of Scott & Bailey staged their own Bake Offs on the set of the series – complete with celebrity judge.

The 36-year-old actress stars with Lesley Sharp and Amelia Bullmore in the ITV crime drama, which is returning for a fourth series.

“Oh God, we had 50 cakes at the last bake-off,” says Suranne, “because all the crew joined in as well. It was just brilliant.

Russell T Davies [former Doctor Who writer] came to judge our competition and he was off his head on sugar when I saw him because he tasted 50 cakes!” Suranne added. “But it was very, very swish.”

Suranne’s own banana, blueberry and chocolate chip muffins weren’t judged to be winners – but that’s not the only competition she faced on set.

There’s competition at the start of the new series of Scott & Bailey, too…

It opens with Suranne’s character, DC Rachel Bailey, and her partner DC Janet Scott, played by Lesley, competing against each other to land the job as sergeant, with the final decision resting with DCI Gill (Amelia).

“Usually when there are two women who want the same thing, there’s a lot of rivalry,” says Suranne, “where actually, in Scott & Bailey, it’s set up as healthy competition.”

Scott & Bailey returns to ITV on Wednesday, September 10, 9.00pm.