Sherlock‘s Andrew Scott will join Julia McKenzie and Martin Clunes in a new three-part drama for ITV.

The Town also stars Wuthering Heights actress Charlotte Riley, Shameless star Gerard Kearns and Hustle’s Kelly Adams.

The drama tells the story of Mark Nicholas – played by Andrew, best known for his role as Jim Moriarty in Sherlock – who returns to the town of Renton where he grew up.

Mark’s drawn back to his old life but finds it hard to reconnect with his family, friends and first love Alice (Riley), who’s now married with a child.

As the story unfolds, Mark must decide if he can build a new life in this strange place that he once called home.

Meanwhile, Martin Clunes plays the town’s local mayor, who stumbles from one PR disaster to another.

Kenton Allen, co-executive producer, said: “At the heart of The Town will be a family struggling to come to terms with change.

“The story takes place in a landscape familiar to most of the UK – most of the population live their lives in a place like Renton.”

The Town is currently filming in High Wycombe.