Sean Bean: Accused love scenes ‘uninhibited’

Actor Sean Bean has revealed that he and co-star Stephen Graham “really went for it” when it came to filming love scenes for their new TV drama Accused.

The Game Of Thrones star, who plays cross-dressing Tracie in the second series of the show, praised the ‘unusual’ casting which sees Stephen playing his onscreen lover Tony.

“When he first saw me as Tracie he said, ‘You look great!'” Sean revealed

“Stephen’s a pretty masculine guy but he’s also got a sensitive, vulnerable side and Tony has too. The chemistry between us and what we achieved was good because we didn’t have any inhibitions. He went for it and so did I.”

And Sean added he could not turn down the chance to appear in the show, given that it is written by Cracker and The Street creator Jimmy McGovern – of whom he is a big fan.

I’ve always wanted to work on one of Jimmy’s scripts. I was a big fan of The Street,” the 53-year-old admitted.

“I suppose the transvestite story has been told before, but it tends to be very serious and deep, or funny and comical, but this was a mature approach to how people actually function,” he explained.

“It’s a story about two people who love each other, it’s just two guys,” Sean added, “You end up feeling for these people, you’re really drawn to their story. You want them to be all right, but eventually something has to give.”

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