Sean Bean: ‘I’ve lost a lot of jobs through auditions – I’m dreadful at reading!’ (VIDEO)

He’s the celebrated star of TV series and films like The Lord of the Rings, Sharpe and Game of Thrones, but listen to Sean Bean talk about his auditions, it’s difficult to imagine him getting any acting roles.

The Yorkshire-born 55-year-old is one of the busiest actors in the business – he’s just about to star in new US thriller series Legends – but Sean says he’s terrible at auditions.

Which was the worst audition? “Most of them really. I’ve been to lots of auditions and I’m sure I’ve lost a lot of jobs through that because I’m pretty dreadful at reading,” he said.

“It’s either one thing or the other, you either know it or you don’t and I can’t kind of look at the camera and keep talking… and I used to walk out and I just knew I hadn’t got the job – and I hadn’t got the job!”

Watch Sean talk to Entertainment Weekly about his first role, first on-screen death, worst auditions and more above.


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