Secrets and lies hit Coronation Street as an exciting new character arrives

There's trouble for one Weatherfield family when a new arrival brings a whole host of heartbreak with them...

Sinead and Daniel are thrilled when they finally get to meet their baby in Coronation Street next week – but the new arrival sets of a series of lies that could spiral out of control…

After the doctors reveal the shocking news that Sinead’s cancer has spread, Sinead and Daniel are left stunned when the specialists tell them they need to start radiotherapy immediately, but before that they need to deliver their unborn baby.

Sinead bursts into tears, convinced Daniel won’t fancy her

Sinead and Daniel are heartbroken to discover her cancer has spread

The pair are left reeling as the day takes a dramatic turn and Sinead is wheeled down to theatre. But after giving birth to a tiny baby boy, both new parents are heartbroken as he is whisked to neonatal.

But his arrival is set too spark a new lie between the married couple – but this time it is Daniel keeping secrets, not Sinead.

Viewers will know that Daniel was devastated when it was revealed Sinead hadn’t been going to her chemotherapy sessions, convinced that the treatment might harm her unborn baby.

But despite knowing how upset he was to be kept in the dark about something so huge, Daniel is set to do the exact same thing next week.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Tinker gives birth

Daniel’s stunned when Sinead takes a turn for the worst after the operation

After giving birth, Sinead takes a turn for the worst when she passes out and needs to be seen to by doctors.

But while she is away, Daniel goes to see their son, only for one of the specialists to ask if they can examine the baby privately.

The new dad is left concerned, and rightly so.

Later he and Sinead decide to call their little boy Bertie, leaving Ken thrilled with the nod towards Uncle Albert… but the joy is short-lived when Daniel is told Bertie has a bowel condition.

Daniel Osbourne lies to Sinead about their new son’s bowel condition.

Daniel lies to Sinead. keeping Bertie’s bowel condition from her

Deciding that Sinead is too delicate to know the horrific truth about their son, Daniel keeps the news about Bertie’s condition to himself, hoping not knowing will mean Sinead can concentrate on getting herself better.

But is Daniel right to keep something like this from the new mum?

And how will Sinead react when she finds out – especially after she was the one who kept a huge secret first?

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