BBC1‘s new three-part series Shark is just one of a string breathtaking shows heading the channel’s wildlife output.

To be shown in the spring, Shark will use cutting-edge camera techniques to capture the creatures courting, giving birth and even cleaning their teeth.

It will feature Swell sharks that can glow in the dark, the legendary Great White shark and the tiny Epaulette, that can walk on land.

But what other wildlife shows can you expect on the Beeb this year?


The Hunt, BBC1 – This landmark seven-part series from the producer behind The Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, focuses on the dramatic contests between predators and their prey. It will reveal the many remarkable hunting strategies animals employ, including how the grizzly bear look for salmon.


Wild Japan, BBC2 – A three-part series revealing the amazing creatures that inhabit Japan’s wildest regions, including the iconic-red crowned crane.


Wild Patagonia, BBC2 – Beautiful pumas are just some of the magnificent creatures captured in this three-part series in South America.


Atlantic, BBC2 – This three-part series goes under the seas to explore the Gulf Stream, which stirs up nutrients and carries warmth to the lands touched by the Atlantic.