Sharon is moved to tears by X Factor singer’s reappearance

X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne is moved to tears when a face from the past reappears to audition again on the show.

Stephanie Woods, 20, got to the X Factor judges’ houses six years ago, but was sent home by Sharon after an unsuccessful try-out at her Los Angeles mansion.

The singer, from Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, said Sharon ‘genuinely seemed sad she had to send me home’ and decided to audition for her again.

She said: “When I heard Sharon was going to be a judge this year I thought ‘wow, how amazing is it going to be to see her again and for Sharon to see me as a young woman now.'”

She told the judges: “I’ve said if I don’t get through today or this year then it’s not meant to be, but I want it so bad now, I’m so ready.”

An emotional Sharon tells Stephanie she ‘really cracked up’ when she sent her home the first time, before wiping away more tears.


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