Sharon Maughan to co-star with husband Trevor Eve

Sharon Maughan will guest-star opposite her husband Trevor Eve in the new series of Waking the Dead, the first time the couple have ever appeared together on screen.

She has a leading role in the opening two-part episode of the BBC1 drama, which stars Eve as maverick detective Peter Boyd.

The couple, who’ve been married for almost 30 years, did appear in a 1992 episode of Murder She Wrote, but they were never on screen together, so this is the first time they’ve shared a scene.

“In Waking The Dead I have one scene with just Trevor alone and then there’s another one at the end with the group,” Sharon told TV Times. “I think Trevor was happy that I was coming in and playing a very nice guest role and I was very happy to be doing it.”

The former Holby City star plays a high-powered businesswoman who comes to the attention of Boyd and his team when she is the victim of a crime that has links to a cold case from the Sixties.

“She is a very successful, rather ruthless multi-millionaire business woman,” Sharon explains. “She takes people’s money and plays with, so all of that is incorporated into the story.”

And viewers will discover she has a very big secret in her past. The new eight-part series, which also sees Sue Johnston, Wil Johnson, Tara Fitzgerald and Felicite Du Jeu all return, will be back on screen in September.

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