Former EastEnders star Shaun Williamson says his new film role gave him a welcome break from being Barry.

The actor played Barry in the soap and parodied it in Ricky Gervais comedy Extras.

Talking about his role in Daylight Robbery at the London premiere, Shaun said: “The director cast me as the role as the police chief which was a welcome change from Barry – a big welcome change from Barry – and I get the chance to be a grumpy old man, which is actually what I am.”

Describing what makes him grumpy, he said: “Other drivers, when I’m a pedestrian other pedestrians, bin men who won’t empty your bin, pubs closing down as people are staying in playing computer games – pretty much everything about the modern world makes me angry!”

But Shaun, who is due to play Ricky Gervais’s dad in his forthcoming film This Side Of The Truth, said he thought mayor Boris Johnson would ease some of his woes.

“He’s fat, in his 40s, and he’s got my vote,” he said.

Daylight Robbery opens in the West End on Friday August 29.