Sheila goes head-to-head with Karl in Neighbours

Feisty Sheila plays dirty to gain power over Karl and be crowned head of the Liveability committee!

There are dirty tactics displayed this week when Sheila and Karl both go head to head in a bid to lead the Liveability committee.

When Karl and Susan return from their trip to Thailand the neighbours immediately clock that all is far from harmonious in the Kennedy camp.

Later on a ruffled Karl confesses to Shane that he committed a ‘shameful act’ while he and Susan were away and he’s now in the doghouse with his wife. But what exactly did the doc do?

Sheila is quick to exploit the obvious tensions between the married couple when she and Karl later go head to head for the leadership of Sonya’s Liveability initiative. Naughty Sheila! What tricks has the determined gran got up her sleeve?