The latest casualty from the live shows, Shelley Smith, says it’s a bizarre to leave the The X Factor bubble and she may need counselling!

Shelley lost the sing-off with Kingsland Road on Sunday night and was about to return to her home in Exeter and relative normality. But the experience of being an X Factor star has had a big impact on her.

She told whatsontv.co.uk: “It’s really, really bizarre because as soon as we moved into that house, it’s just us, there’s no one from the outside world… A couple of times we were let to go shopping… With someone with us you know, we always had someone with us, they’re very much like that, they really look after you, and there were people coming from everywhere!

“You don’t think about it because you’re not watching the show, so we’d go out and people would be like ‘Oh my god!’ And we were like ‘What?’ and looking behind us and it was like ‘Oh… it’s us!’ So we were living in a bubble and coming out of that bubble… it’s bizarre.”

Watch Shelley talk about Sharon Osbourne, The X Factor and NOT returning to work as a white van driver: