Sheridan’s gorging for Bridget Jones The Musical

Sheridan Smith says she’s loving pigging out on all her favourite junk foods to gain weight for Bridget Jones’ Diary: The Musical.

The 30-year-old actress, who won a host of awards starring in Legally Blonde: The Musical, has now been cast as the curvaceous singleton in the new stage show of Helen Fielding’s hit novels, and revealed her attempts to pile on the pounds are being counteracted by the dance rehearsals.

Sheridan said: “I can just eat what I want. At the minute I’ve been eating burgers and it’s great. I’m not really one for eating salads anyway, but the fact that I have to put on weight is even better.

“There will be a lot of dancing, that’s the thing – it’s just wondering whether you can keep it on doing eight shows a week. But I’ll eat loads don’t worry!

“Chocolate, cakes burgers, pizza, the lot. All my favourite foods. Jamie Oliver would kill me for saying things like that wouldn’t he?!”

Lily Allen has written the songs for the musical, and while Sheridan wasn’t giving much away about the highly-anticipated new show, she hailed the Smile singer as a ‘genius’.

Sheridan said: “They’re very Lily, but she’s just a genius, the girl is a genius. Her music and her lyrics are fantastic and they just work perfectly, I think.”

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