Sherlock producer: ‘There will be more’

There will be more episodes of Sherlock, BBC1’s hit modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, according to its producer Sue Vertue.

She told BBC Breakfast: “There will be more. We’re having a meeting to talk about how many and when.”

Sherlock has been a ratings hit and the US rights have been bought by PBS.

According to BBC Online, more than seven million people tuned in to see Sunday’s dramatic cliffhanger starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson.

Co-creator and writer Steven Moffat – also lead writer and executive producer on Doctor Who – said there would ‘definitely’ be more instalments in the future.

Vertue said: “Steven and Mark are very busy – Steven is obviously doing Doctor Who as well – so it’s just when we’re going to do them.’

Future instalments would continue to be 90 minutes long.

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