Sherlock series 3 finale revealed as His Last Vow

The final episode of the forthcoming third series of Sherlock will be called His Last Vow, the BBC has confirmed.

The Beeb revealed the title on Friday night after clues to the episode title were hidden in a repeat of the series two episode The Hounds Of Baskerville.

’#Sherlock fans, the final two words of the series 3 episode 3 title are hidden in tonight’s repeat. Remember: the title’s in the titles,’ BBC One said on its Twitter page ahead of the broadcast.

And as speculation mounted among viewers about the use of the letters ‘V’ and ‘O’ in the episode – with many already guessing the title – it was confirmed once the show was over.

The title also suggests that the episode may be inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes story His Last Bow – which was the last one ever written by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The episode will begin filming on July 29th, following a break in production to allow actor Martin Freeman to finish filming The Hobbit trilogy in New Zealand.

The other two series three instalments – entitled The Empty Hearse and The Sign Of Three – have already been filmed, although their transmission date has yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile both Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch have been signed up for a fourth series of the show.

Producer Sue Vertue revealed the news at the Comic Con festival in San Diego, saying: “There is definitely going to be a fourth series, we just haven’t decided when we’re going to do it.”

She added: “I think as long as everyone wants to keep doing it, we’ll keep doing it.”