Benedict Cumberbatch played it less-than straight when he pretended he didn’t know he was promoting Sherlock in a video for the Comic-Con expo in San Diego.

The British actor couldn’t appear at the event in the US in person, so taped a video message for fans in which he acted as if he was there to talk about one of his movies.

He said: “Really sorry I’m not there in person to talk about John Harrison aka Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness…”

When told he was chatting about the wrong project, Benedict switched to discussing The Hobbit, before finally getting to Sherlock.

“I can guarantee it’s more fun doing it than it is watching it, and apparently you have quite a lot of fun watching it, so there’s how much fun I have doing it,” he said.

He also joked that he would tell viewers how Sherlock Holmes survived his rooftop fall at the end of season two.

“F*** it, I’m going to tell you how Sherlock survived … I know you guys like your spoilers and I feel so much better telling you. Freedom!” he said, before launching into a complicated and sped up demonstration with a toy gorilla, in which his words are bleeped out and a sign reads ‘Signal lost’.

Co-star Martin Freeman was also unable to attend as he was busy shooting the Hobbit movie in New Zealand, but sent a video message.

Sherlock executive producer Sue Vertue and co-creator Steven Moffat were among those at the panel discussion, where Sue suggested the show wouldn’t be coming to an end any time soon.

“As long as everyone wants to keep doing it, we’ll keep doing it,” she said.