Loose Women star Sherrie Hewson was rushed to hospital with a nosebleed after an on-air row with fellow panellist Denise Welch.

Former Coronation Street actress Sherrie argued with Waterloo Road star Denise during a debate on exposing scars to people.

And when the daytime ITV1 show returned from a commercial break, Sherrie was missing from the panel.

The show’s presenter Andrea McClean informed viewers that Sherrie had to leave because of a sudden illness and show bosses denied it was because of the row.

Sherrie’s agent later confirmed that she had left the studio because of a severe nose bleed.

The pair clashed when Denise declared: “I have been known to show my Caesarian scar if people are interested – but only because I’m proud of it,” prompting Sherrie to snap: “No one cares about your scar.”

Denise angrily replied: “I wouldn’t show you my scar if you begged me, so shut up. It’s nothing to do with you,” and Sherrie answered: “I don’t want to see it, keep it down there.”

Sherrie was mocked again when host Andrea laughed after she revealed that her brother had pushed her into a wall as a child. Hurt Sherrie asked: “What’s funny about that?”

But bosses said that Sherrie’s sudden exit had nothing to do with either exchange.

They said: “The presenters get quite heated sometimes, but it was nothing to do with that at all.

“Sherrie will return after her previously arranged holiday on April 14.”