Sherrie Hewson and Amanda Barrie tell us about their Lake District adventure for This Morning – just don’t mention the toilets…

Camping, it doesn’t sound very much like you?
“I thought if I could share a tent with anyone, it would be Sherrie and that’s it! She’s one of the few people who’s as daft as I am!”
Sherrie: “And we’re both Virgos, so we’re very similar – eccentric, crazy, extremely untidy and share the same sense of humour! We haven’t been on holiday together before ,but I have stayed at Amanda’s country house and her flat in London. That’s how we knew that, regardless of anything, we’d get on and that’s the main thing, isn’t it, when you’re away.”

Have you ever camped before?
Sherrie: “I went camping when I was a girl guide and I just thought it was awful because you had to go to a toilet miles away in wet, cold weather. The yurt is quite sweet, but I do think you need to bring a generator, as there’s no electricity, and a portaloo!”

What is your biggest concern?
“There’s a block with loos, but in terms of my normal life I’d need a taxi to get me there!”

Part of your experience was training sheepdogs. How did that go?
“It was fun, but I only said ‘Away’… I didn’t mean for ever!”

Sherrie you seemed good at the topiary?
“Well, I’ve always wanted to be a hairdresser.”

What was the highlight?
“Selling the gingerbread. We did that very well. I think they would have us back any time.”

Sherrie and Amanda’s camping adventure features on This Morning next Tuesday and Wednesday.