Sherrie Hewson reveals Benidorm’s Text Santa storyline – Joan Collins is on the warpath

Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson is doing her bit for next Friday’s Text Santa (ITV, December 18) and gives hints to TV Times about what’s happening at The Solana…

Joan Collins is back in the sketch as Solana CEO Crystal Hennessey-Vass – what is she up to?
“Well, Mateo [Jake Canuso], Les [Tim Healy] and Joyce have a mission to find Crystal’s Text Santa cheque. Someone called Jose has it, but nobody knows who he is and we call on some famous faces to help… Joyce is terrified they are never going to find it because Crystal has already sacked her once. She’s the only one that Joyce kowtows to.”

Do you enjoy working with Joan?
“I love her. Joan is one of our last Hollywood icons, she looks immaculate 24 hours a day, she is a sight to behold and she makes me feel dowdy! She loves being in Benidorm but she causes a riot when we’re filming; the streets are lined with people just wanting to see her.”

Is it fun to shoot something different like Text Santa?
“Yes, because it breaks up our relentless filming days and we can just enjoy the silliness. It was weird filming something Christmassy when it was 42 degrees in Spain though and I was suited and booted and boiling!”

Are you a fan of Text Santa?
“Oh it’s one of the best things ever. This year’s charities are great. Save the Children and Make-A-Wish are wonderful and Macmillan is important to me because when my father was dying I broke down and they really saved me. It’s great that people donate because every single penny is needed.”

Will you be doing your bit in a Christmas knit?
“I’m not a Christmas jumper person, but I will definitely be wearing one! I’m not on Loose Women that day, but I’m sure we’ll take a photo of ourselves looking stupid or I’ll take one with my daughter.”

What are your own Christmas plans?
“I’m in panto in Leicester playing the Evil Queen in Snow White and then it’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my daughter and grandchildren with lunch and lots of crackers. My tree has been up for weeks already!”

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