Shock exit: Wagner moves out of The X Factor house

The X Factor finalist Wagner has left the luxury house he shared with this year’s contestants after complaining about their behaviour.

According to the Daily Star, the 54-year-old former PE teacher Wagner Carrilho cited the other contestants’ personal habits as the reason for his departure, as well as claiming the house didn’t smell right.

Speaking on This Morning, Jeff Brazier confirmed that Wagner had moved out because he ‘doesn’t get on with anybody’, particularly with fellow over-28s finalist John Adeleye.

The pair fell out last week after Wagner sprayed deodorant all around the house trying to cover what he said was a ‘funny smell’. According to Jeff, “John stuck up for everybody else and accused him of sabotaging their throats. So he’s moved out.”

Wagner now only goes back to the luxury seven-bed house for vocal training.

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