Shock FORBIDDEN kiss spells trouble for THIS Coronation Street couple

There's trouble for David Platt and Shona Ramsey in next week's Coronation Street when a secret kiss threatens to ruin everything...

It looks like Shona Ramsey’s fears that boyfriend David Platt could be tempted to cheat are set to be confirmed next week when the hairdresser secretly shares a forbidden kiss with troublemaker Natalie.

The official website for Coronation Street has today revealed that Natalie finally takes the plunge and shows David exactly how she feels about him next week, but how will he respond to her kiss?

Coronation Street fans have watched David and his brother Nick desperately trying to keep Natalie on side over recent weeks, knowing one word from her would expose the fact they’re the ones who stole gran Audrey’s money.

Nick and David panic in Coronation Street

David and Nick panic when the police start digging… (Credit: ITV)

Natalie knows she has got the boys over a barrel, and has been demanding more and more from them as the weeks go by.

But as David shows Natalie some kindness and agrees to teach her how to cut hair, it seems her crush on the hairdresser is blooming.

Next week sees the police continue to dig into the possibility that Nick is hiding something to do with the factory roof collapse… and the brothers become desperate to keep Natalie sweet so that she remains loyal.

Natalie and David in Coronation Street

David and Natalie have been spending a lot of time together at work recently (Credit: ITV)

The ITV website reveals: “With the police breathing down their necks, Nick tells David that he needs to keep Natalie sweet.

“But how will David react when Natalie kisses him?!”

But the drama doesn’t end there.

Shona has spent the last few weeks worried about the amount of time her boyfriend has been spending with the barber shop’s newest recruit, and next week her suspicions are heightened further…

Coronation Street David Platt Shona Ramsey

Will Natalie manage to get between Shona and David? (Credit: ITV/Andrew Boyce)

“Later, Natalie’s date takes a dim view of David spying on them. We can only imagine what Shona is going to say about all of this! How much trouble is David in now?”

With Shona’s suspicions seemingly confirmed next week, this be the start of a rocky new road for her and David.

Will David be tempted to cheat after going through so much with Shona in their relationship?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

Main picture credit: ITV/REX/Shutterstock

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