Shock split on the cards for THIS favourite EastEnders couple

There's heartache heading for EastEnders' Jean Slater and Ian Beale when their short-lived romance comes to a bitter end...

EastEnders Jean Slater and Ian Beale call time on their relationship next week, just weeks after officially becoming a couple at Christmas.

Fans were thrilled when the unlikely pair got together after bonding over their love of carol singing in the Walford choir. But it seems their romance wasn’t meant to be when things start turning sour for the couple next week.

Ian and Jean share a moment

Ian and Jean got together over Christmas

After all the drama the Slaters have been through recently, Jean could be forgiven for failing to put her fledgling romance with Ian first. But on Monday next week she decides to make a go of things and deliberates whether to ask Ian out on a date.

After some encouragement from Kat, Jean bites the bullet and arranges to meet Ian in the Vic for lunch… but despite the fact Jean is pulling out all the stops with her flirting, it is clear that Ian’s mind is elsewhere.

EastEnders Jean Slater and Ian Beale with Stacey Fowler

Stacey was shocked when Jean and Ian revealed they were an item

Things go from bad to worse as their date continues, and soon Ian is up to his usual tricks of offending everyone around him and Jean is left fuming.

The following day Jean is still reeling from what Ian said to her, and confides in Shirley about what happened.

Shirley is quick to point out that Jean should confront Ian, and so she does just that.

EastEnders Jean Slater Ian Beale

Jean and Ian’s date doesn’t go to plan next week

But once again things don’t go to plan and, as Jean ends things with Ian, she is shocked by his response to her ending their relationship.

Having had enough of Ian and his grumpy ways, Jean uncharacteristically lashes out and throws her drink over him – making sure he has really got the message that their relationship is history.

But what has got into Ian? Is he just being his usual grumpy self? Or has something happened to put him in such a bad mood?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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