Sian Williams to leave Breakfast, but not the BBC

Sian Williams is leaving the BBC Breakfast show after its move to Salford, it has been reported.

Staff have until midnight tomorrow to decide whether they want to stay with the programme currently based in London.

The Daily Mirror reports that Sian and sports presenter Chris Hollins will leave the show.

Her agent told the paper the move was not an issue, but that the presenter wanted a break from the show’s early starts.

He said: “We’ve been talking to the BBC for the past six to nine months about potential new roles where she doesn’t need to use her alarm clock quite so frequently.”

The paper reported Sian might commute briefly to Salford in the early stages of the move and that co-hosts Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid would stay with the show.

A BBC spokesman said: “No one needs to make a decision until the end of March 30 so it is all speculation.”

When the move was announced last July, BBC News director Helen Boaden said it would involve ‘personal and professional decisions’ for people who work on the show.

It is part of a plan by the corporation to relocate around 2,000 jobs to outside the capital.

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