Grimm star Silas Weir Mitchell has admitted he prefers it when the creatures in the show are played by real people, not CGI.
The actor stars as Monroe, a reformed Blutbad who helps Detective Nick Burkhardt solve crimes which are all inspired by fairytales, and feature supernatural creatures, known as Wesens infiltrating the human world.
Silas revealed his favourite Wesen had been the Murcielago, a bat-like creature, who featured in the Cinderella-inspired episode Happy Ever Aftermath in season one.
He said: “I thought that was really well done. It’s nice when they’re able to use actual physical make-up work and not just have it be CGI. It’s all based on timing, but with the Murcielago they were able to have a person made-up and they enhanced it a little bit maybe with CGI after, but it just looks better when it’s an actual person.
“It’s more fun when it’s real. A lot of it there’s not time to get the actor in the make-up, so you’ll just be working with an actor who has tracking dots on their face – so it’s like CGI.”
Monroe has become an unlikely heartthrob in the show, but Silas played down his popularity.
He said: “I think it’s less about being a heartthrob and more about being an emotional centre.”
As for Monroe finding love, Silas admitted his friendship with Rosalee could develop.
He revealed: “Romance is certainly a possibility, but Monroe is a loner and not someone who enjoys being part of the world. Nick has drawn Monroe out, but before he showed up Monroe was happy to keep his head down. And I think Rosalee is another element of the world that is drawing him out, and that’s attractive to him.”
::Grimm airs on Mondays at 9pm on Watch