Silent Witness’s Tom: ‘I felt like Jason Bourne!’

Silent Witness heads to Hungary for this week’s two-parter, when Harry’s lover is found dead – and police suspect he’s the killer. Tom Ward reveals more…

Tell us a bit about this episode?

“This is a very big storyline for me, all set in Hungary. It’s a real thriller and there’s all kinds of things going on for Harry. There’s a lot for him to deal with personally; he’s not just objectively studying a case.”

Harry is helping his lover Anna Sandor with a case when she’s found dead. Why do police think it’s Harry killed her?

“Harry becomes the prime suspect in Anna’s murder because he was at the scene covered in blood, which looks suspicious. Harry becomes a fugitive, going on the run in Budapest, while keen to establish his innocence. It’s a high stakes episode.”

Is Harry able to get help?

“Harry’s situation is a big thing for Leo and Nikki, so they both come out to Hungary. And there’s a moment when it looks like Harry’s dead!”

Did you enjoy filming in Budapest?

“Budapest is a brilliant city and there are lots of chase sequences in this episode with me running through drains and dark streets. I felt like Jason Bourne!”

*Silent Witness screens on Monday January 24 at 9pm on BBC1.