Simon and Louis plan album for X Factor’s Mary

Louis Walsh has revealed he will mastermind an album for X Factor reject Mary Byrne – and predicted: “I see a great future.”

Dublin singer Mary, 50, left the show at the weekend, controversially missing out on a place in the final due to judges’ votes.

But Louis – who guided Boyzone and Westlife to stardom – said he would be laying the groundwork for a forthcoming album from the chart hopeful.

The judge and mentor also hit back at claims by viewers that show bosses altered the semi-final format to favour Cher Lloyd, saying: “The show is absolutely not a fix, I could say a lot of things about Simon, he’s vain, he’s arrogant and ambitious – but he is 100 per cent honest and by the book on the show, he wants the public to decide who will win.

“But he likes the show to be unpredictable and that’s the great thing about working on the show and that’s why it’s so exciting for the public to watch.”

He added that record company boss Simon would also be backing Mary’s album.

“With Simon’s help Mary will be making the album she’s always wanted to make and I’ll help her with the whole production on that, picking songs and getting the right producers for her to work with,” said Louis.

He also suggested that Mary could see a hit career similar to that of Susan Boyle, who was the runner-up on Britain’s Got Talent last year.

He added: “Simon knows she could sell a lot of records, after her first performance on the live shows he told me he thought she stood a strong chance of winning.

“But Susan Boyle didn’t win and look how many albums she’s sold.”