Simon Cowell hits out at The Brits

TV’s Mr Nasty, Simon Cowell is apparently still mad about the Brit Awards snubbing Leona Lewis this year.

The X Factor judge reportedly ranted that they were “sarcastic” and said they “sneer” at good British artists, according to The Sun.

He apparently said: “Leona at The Brits tells you everything about the record business. I believe you should recognise and celebrate success. I don’t like The Brits. They’re too sarcastic. They don’t represent what’s right in Britain at the moment.”

Leona, who recently became the first British female vocalist to get to number one in the US in 20 years, was nominated for four awards at The Brits this year, but went home empty-handed.

Known for his own scathing comments as a judge, Simon – who kicks off a new series of Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night – hit out at the Brit bunch for being snobbish about the singer’s X Factor background.

“This is the problem. People say: ‘Leona can’t be serious because she entered the X Factor.’ They sneer. It doesn’t matter where that artist came from.

“Shows like the X Factor are there because doors have been closed. You have to start changing your attitude. Give her one award for God’s sake!”

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