Simon Cowell makes X Factor-style film

Simon Cowell is producing a feature-length film based on his television talent shows, such as The X Factor and Pop Idol.

The TV talent judge said: “I’m producing a film. It’s going to be the modern day version of Fame, although set in a talent show rather than a talent college.”

Simon is renowned for dishing out harsh insults to contestants, and has consequently been dubbed TV’s Mr Nasty. So he should expect some brutal honesty from critics.

The 47-year-old will still continue to work in TV. He hopes his future projects, in collaboration with his business partner, former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, will be bigger and better than ever.

He said: “I think that we have to look at starting something new within the next two years. I like building up companies and I like building up shows.”

But Cowell is tired of being a TV star, and wants to quit as a judge.

He confessed: “I would give up being on camera tomorrow, I really would. I’ve thought about leaving a lot this year.”

Nevertheless, Cowell will resume his role as a talent judge for the new series of The X Factor, which starts on ITV1 on 18 August.

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