Simon Cowell: The Voice will probably last quite a long time

The X Factor supremo Simon Cowell has tipped the BBC’s rival show The Voice to last despite its lack of hits.

The Voice has still not produced an act to rival the success of The X Factor, which launched the careers of One Direction, Leona Lewis and Olly Murs.

Its first ever winner, Leanne Mitchell, flopped when her debut single failed to reach the top 40 and her album missed out on the top 100.

But Simon, back on TV in the new series of Britain’s Got Talent this Saturday, said: “My gut feeling is there are now four talent shows that will probably last for quite a long time and that’s The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly and The Voice. I think that’s enough. Any more than that will be a problem.”

Simon said he had taken a new ‘nosey’ approach to BGT contestants bidding to find fame on the ITV show.

Saturday's Britain's Got Talent will include a performance by Bonetics from Essex (Syco/Thames TV/PA)

Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent will include a performance by Bonetics from Essex (Syco/Thames TV/PA)


He said: “I think the public at home feel the same way. Sometimes when you ask these questions you really get to know whether the person is sincere and whether they are serious about this – and so it helps me make a decision. Actually, if you like the person before they have performed then they stand a better chance.”

Millie the dog on Saturday's show (Syco/Thames TV/PA)

Watch out for Millie the dog on Saturday’s show (Syco/Thames TV/PA)


He singled out guitar players as the acts to avoid on the show, saying: “I’m literally becoming allergic to them because they all sound the same and they all think they are going to be the next Ed Sheeran. But all they have ever done is play the guitar in their bedroom so when you put them on stage they just can’t perform.”



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