Two of ITV's biggest shows could be moving channels...

Simon Cowell has revealed he’s had offers from several other major TV channels to air Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor if ITV choose not to renew his contract.

That leaves the music mogul in a TV channel bidding war once his contract expires at the end of 2019.

“Well to be honest with you it’s really difficult. I’ve got three offers on the table this month from broadcasters who want to do a deal on this show [X Factor] and on Britain’s Got Talent.

Britain’s Got Talent

“I mean they are proven brands and they bring in the right audience so that has never been an issue.”

Hinting that he knows how much the two reality shows – which have produced the likes of One Direction and Diversity – are worth, the 58-year-old said: “We’ve turned down bigger deals in the past but all I’m saying is we know the audience it brings in and what it looks like in advertising.”

With this year’s X Factor line-up – which features new judges Robbie Williams, Ayda Field and Louis Tomlinson – having come under fire, Simon confessed his main priority is the audience.

“But funnily enough,” he explained. “I have never been concerned about not getting a new deal. My concern is more of a personal thing to make sure the audience don’t get bored with it.”

The X Factor judges Robbie Williams, Ayda Field, Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson

“Luckily the public still like these shows and they’ve liked them for longer than we ever thought. We’ve never had a problem selling the show.”

With the show in its 15th series, Simon admitted he has no plans to retire any time soon.

“Oh forget it. No, I mean the good thing is the shows do well, they’re fun, and they’re producing talent, which is the most important thing. So why would you walk away from that? I wouldn’t.”

He’s got a point!