Simon Cowell’s spokesman has responded to reports in the press over Cheryl Cole’s future on the US X Factor by saying the mogul wants her as a judge.

Speaking to Sky News, publicist Max Clifford said he said he had spoken to Cowell, who told him, “I want Cheryl Cole on the show.”

And following a report in the News Of The World that the singer would be returning to the show, he confirmed that Simon is in discussions with the producers across the Atlantic – but does not have the final say.

Clifford also dismissed claims in the press that Simon had sacked Cheryl from the show, calling them “totally misleading”.

“If he has his way, she will be on the show,” he said.

“But, he’s an important part of a very important team, so obviously there are other people with very strong views, as in Fox Television, as in Fremantle, and that’s what’s being discussed at the moment.”

The PR guru added that he believed Cheryl would be a “huge hit” in the US but refused to confirm whether or not she would be returning to the panel.

“Whether Cheryl will be back or not, we will know hopefully, sooner rather than later,” he said.