Simon Cowell ‘To Miss X Factor’s First Live Show’ After Accident At Home

Simon could be missing from tonights live show.

It is currently being reported that head judge of The X Factor, music mogul Simon Cowell, will not be donning his glad rags for the first live show tonight- after reports of an accident at home.

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Earlier in the week, it had been reported that Simon had been taken to hospital after fainting and falling down his stairs at home.

At the time of his accident, a source close to Simon had shared: ‘It was very early and Simon was going down his stairs to get some hot milk because he couldn’t sleep. He fainted and is thought to have fallen down the stairs’.

Yesterday, Simon had confirmed his mishap to The Sun, having shared: ‘I’m feeling okay. I fainted’.

However, Simon then added that whilst he has plans of a speedy recovery, he’s not sure if he’ll be in top form on time for tonights first live show. He shares, ‘I will be back but I don’t know about tomorrow’.

If Simon doesn’t make a quick enough recovery, it might not just be the head judge missing from tonights show- as his Groups category also might have to take the night off and reschedule their first performance.

If this is the case, then tonight will see early performances from Sharon and Louis’ categories, the boys and the girls, who were previously scheduled to make their live show debut on Sunday’s show.

A source close to the show has shared with The Sun that ‘Simon is expected to be fine for Sunday’s show, but right now he needs as much rest as possible’.

Confirming the allegations of an early performance for some categories, the source then added: ‘They’ll switch the singers which means they’ll be panic for some contestants  but everyone totally understands’.

Lets hope Simon and his groups make a speedy return to our screens!

Alice Perry


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