American Idol boss Simon Fuller has claimed that the US version of the X Factor won’t threaten his show.

Simon Cowell announced earlier this month that he was set to leave Idol to help launch X Factor in America.

Fuller told The Mirror: “I want Idol to be purely about talent. We’re not going to be led into the mud, we’re going to stay on our hill.”

“I have integrity about music and believe talent that comes out of Idol is legitimate.”

Fuller also criticised Britain’s Got Talent and the success of runner up Subo.

He said: “The Susan Boyle phenomenon is not based on anything but the bizarre.”

Fuller has claimed that the conflict between himself and Cowell was ‘grossly exaggerated’ but a source told the paper that the rivalry ‘could get very messy’.

The insider said: “Fuller has got brains and instinct but has the personality of a wet weekend in Hastings. Cowell has the lot.”