Simon Fuller to rival Cowell: ‘Thank you so much’

Simon Cowell’s arch-rival Simon Fuller has offered his X Factor enemy an olive branch.

Despite numerous fall-outs over the years, the entertainment mogul made a point of name-checking Cowell when he received a star on Hollywood’s prestigious Walk of Fame.

“I mean this sincerely – in spite of what has been said in the media and the press over the years – I have to thank, of course, Simon Cowell,” he told crowds.

The creator of the Idol franchise, which has been exported around the world, ignored speculation that he and Cowell are gearing up for an all-out ratings war when the US X Factor launches in the States later this year.

“Simon Cowell was there at the very beginning and he worked with me on the idea I had when it was just a little jewel. He helped me polish it, he worked closely with me and tried to help develop this idea right through to the global phenomenon it’s become.

“So Simon Cowell wherever you are I want to say to you thank you so much,” he insisted, looking directly into the news cameras gathered from around the world.

He went on: “What you did for American Idol I personally am never going to forget and I wish you all the luck with your show.”

“He doesn’t need any luck because he is lucky and everything he does turns to gold so here’s to more gold for you Simon – you deserve it!”

A pregnant Victoria Beckham came out to cheer on her former Spice Girls manager, accompanied by son Brooklyn. American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson also made the celebrations, along with Jennifer’s husband Marc Anthony.

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